My name is Mianne Bagger and I'm a touring professional golfer. I am Danish born and have been a resident of Australia for many years and I compete on tours in Europe and Australia. The ALPG Tour in Australia is played predominantly throughout the East Coast and the Ladies European Tour and also their feeder tour, LET Access tour, are at various destinations throughout Europe.

My site provides information and updates on my progress, along with some information about me and my life. I have travelled a different journey than most, prior to competing on tour, which is one that makes me unique both as a professional golfer and as a sportswoman. I like to play down my past and focus on my golf, but my life has also led as an example for the purposes of education and awareness with diversity of all people in all sports. National and International sport is dominated today by rigid [Western] stereotypes, particularly as they apply to women, which continues to make sport an unattainable option for many people. These stereotypes and constraints are sadly out of touch with medical science and serve a greater role for the commercial nature of sport, at the expense of many women's lives.

The intention of my site is to give a bit of insight into the kind of person I am and hopefully to help educate on areas of natural diversity in sport and in life. As much as I'm just another woman on tour, my life is one that provides an example that people of diversity can still achieve what ever goal they set their heart on. Hopefully my site and my life will help others find hope and inspiration in their lives as well.

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