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Sunday 11th Mar, 2012

Well I'm still here and I'm even going to be heading back to Europe again this year!  Woohoo...

I know all of these blog posts of mine must have been hard to keep up with over recent times, so I'll slow it down a bit in future. As I've written in previous posts, I guess there hasn't been too much to write about with my results having been so poor. But, the reason I'm still here is because I still believe I can do better, so I'm not finished yet.

While I have continued working with the same coach (Andrew Mowatt at Royal Fremantle in Perth, Australia)  I had a brainwave of a realisation last year that, well, maybe things weren't working. (I know, pretty insightful hey!?). To coin a well known saying (and some say 'definition of insanity') ..."if you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got". So, it was time to do things differently.

I worked with a couple of wonderful guys in Schloss Meisdorf in Germany early last year and while it was a nice change and another step out of my comfort zone, it wasn't something that I felt was working for me. Sadly I had to say goodbye to Chris and Hartmut, but who knows, maybe our paths will cross again some day?

It wasn't till later in the year that I discovered a friend of mine, Martin Park, had been making huge steps in his own teaching and fitting centre on Bornholm (a Danish Island off the southern coast of Sweden). After going to see Martin I found he was teaching much the same as Andrew, but from a slightly different perspective. It seemed perfect really because it meant I didn't have to competely change my swing and work on something new ....again. I simply couldn't do that anyway.

After a few short sessions with Martin, we started making huge headway and I loved the things I was seeing (well, on video at least!). There were great things happening with the ball flight so now I just had to take it out on the course. That always makes for a slightly longer journey, as all golfers would be familiar with. Anyway, that journey continues....

The good news is that I returned to LET Q-school earlier in the year at La Manga and managed to get through the gruelling 2 weeks and 9 rounds of competitive golf, to end up with a conditional status for this years season. ....and I was exhausted at the end of it! What followed was another 5 weeks of golf in Australia and while there was some progress with my game, it still wasn't good enough to get the results I wanted.

After a well needed break, I'm refreshed and ready for the season ahead. I'll be returning to work with Martin this year and I guess you could call it a 'make-or-break' year. I'd like to get some decent results on tour again, or I think I should consider doing something else (sadly). I do love what I do for a living, but at the end of the day, there isn't really any point in pursuing it if the results and income aren't forthcoming.

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