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Making progress in Finland


Thursday 3rd Sep, 2009

I am pleased to say (and so is my hip pocket) that more progress was made in Finland last week after some steady play in the first couple of rounds. Sometimes it's hard to know exactly what contributes to a change of form, but I'd like to think it was the two weeks I had off and the renewed motivation for getting out and playing again.

It was a great couple of weeks off at home in Denmark. I was actually kept busy the first couple of days doing some painting around the house where I live. It was great to have something else to do actually and it was nice to do something where you have an end result. ...and the resulting sense of satisfaction and a job well done. :)

I got to Finland in the middle of the week and we were staying in a hotel just on the outskirts of Helsinki. I had memories of last year where the temperature was about 5-6 degrees C in the mornings, which is just way too cold for me!  ...but we got lucky with the weather last week. It was almost [almost!] shorts weather.

The first round was an interesting one whic was a bit up and down for the first 9 holes. First hole started with a birdie which is always a nice way to start, but not always indicative of how the rest of the day will go. Well, it took me a little while to get settled and after losing a few shots on the first nine, I came in wiht a steady back nine including a few birdies to get me back to square. Good ol' putter was doing it's thing!

The second round was probably the most steady golf I'd played for a while. Although there was no flood of birdies, it was fairways and greens pretty much all day and was going bogey free until the last bloody hole!!  ..grumble grumble  haha  :/   ...was happy to be going into the weekend in =25th (I think) and the goal was for another steady round.

Yep, well.... sometimes things just don't quite go as you plan them. I had one of those days, in the final round, where I just struggled to get good contact on the ball. I didn't manage one birdie with putts just skimming past the hole all day and a final round of +6 ....hhmmm, nice hey!?

I'll take the memory of the first two rounds with me and do what I can to keep the good form going for the rest of the season.

Coming back to Copenhagen I had a friend come with for a visit for a couple of days. She's never been to Copenhagen before so we had a heap of sight seeing to do. It ended up being great weather for the most part and we made enough bakery visits to last us for quite a while I think?

It's time to get ready for the next event now, so after another few days of being occupied with other things, I'd better go and hit the range. We have 3 tournaments in a row coming up, in Austria, France and Tenerife. I hope to make it to all 3 and I'll do my best to keep the blog up to date.

...there are exciting things happening in the world of sport too with regard to the debate sparked by Caster Semenya at the World Athletic Championships. Keep an eye on my twitter posts as I'll post links to various articles when they come up.

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