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Ups and downs of 2009 and heading off for Q-school


Friday 11th Dec, 2009

Hello everyone. I think I'm as amazed as you are that I've finally gotten around to updating my blog!  This year has been a very demanding one for me with my poor form and results, which has made every other part of life just a little bit more of a challenge to deal with. ...and that has included the website.

When you miss one cut after another on tour and are worn out on all levels, it can be difficult to be enthusiastic about adding a positive update to my site, so sometimes it seems best not to write anything at all. My apologies to those of you that come to my site to follow my progress. I could make promises to be better with updates in the future, but if you've been following me for a while you would probably know what I'm like by now!  haha  ;)

This year has made me think a lot of things through, including my future on tour. I still love being on tour but it isn't much fun (and is kind of pointless really) if you can't get some good results happening. We can always find some sort of excuse or reason for why the form has been lacking, but at the end of the day it isn't very productive so I won't even start. The bottom line is that I played bad golf and if I want some better results, then I've obviously got to pick my game up. Simple. We all have ups and downs in life and it's those times that test us the most on where we are in life and how we decide to move forward.

Near the end of my season this year I have been very lucky to get the help of a sponsor, which has turned everything around for me. I had pretty much decided to take a season away from touring golf until having the opportunity to return to Q-school to have a chance at getting back on tour next year. It was still a difficult decision to make, but after a good month off on my return to Australia, the urge to play returned as strong as ever and I decided to keep going.

It had to start with a new set of irons as I left the old ones behind in Denmark. The Mizunos are made of a very soft material which is great to play with, but it also wears out pretty quickly. The grooves had started wearing away and if I was going to continue playing, it had to be with new irons. I settled on a set of AP-2 irons and wedges that also have the new groove specifications of course, ready for next year. I spent a couple of weeks with my coach in Perth and after feeling like my swing was in complete disarray, it was a pleasant surprise that there really didn't seem to be much for us to work on. There was some adjustment to fundamentals that were necessary and then it was off for a good dose of practice (and finding trust and confidence again!).

I played the first 3 pro-am events on the ALPG calendar on the NSW coast in Australia and finally found some form in the 3rd event firing a 4 under 69 to finish with an outright 2nd place finish. My ball striking was started to feel solid again and was finding some form with the putter again too. I have taken a few days to practice up north of Sydney while staying with some friends so I'm as ready as I could be.

On Sunday 13th I leave for La Manga in Spain for Stage II of LET Q-school. It starts on the 17th Dec and finishes on the 21st. So wish me luck. In the mean time I'll be doing my best to come back with some good news for the next blog update!  ;)   See ya.... | ©2009