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From one Q-school to the next


Sunday 10th Oct, 2010

I see it's been almost a whole year since my last website update. Gee, the time just goes so quickly when you're having fun!  :/

For those that do follow my results, it probably doesn't come as a surprise that the last couple of years have been very 'trying'. say the least. I do love being out here on tour and doing what I love, but it doesn't take long for the joy to dissipate, with poor results and one missed cut after the next. You quickly run out of things to write about and it feels like you just keep making excuses for why things aren't going well. I got tired of doing that and couldn't come up with interesting things to write, so figured I would leave the site alone for a while and focus on getting the joy back in my game again.

BladingFor those that don't already know, I had a bit of a 'spill' while out rollerblading one day earlier this year in Australia, which put me out of action for a while. It's a rather long story, but the short of it is that I ended up falling on freshly laid asphalt, putting me in hospital for a few days with rather nasty superficial burns (what used to be termed 2nd degree burns). It took 4 weeks before I was able to start practicing again, and 5 weeks before I could even think about playing. Not really the best preparation heading in to the new season and, well... the results spoke for themselves.

I was still determined to keep going and headed back to Europe as soon as the season started up again. There are 3 mini tours to compete on in Europe, in Sweden, Spain and the new LET Access tour and my focus was to continue playing with the aim of returning to Q-school at the end of the year.

It has been an interesting year albeit mostly with the same results, but if the last few weeks have been anything to go by, I could have some things to look forward to. I feel like I've been hitting more practice balls over the last 3 years than I have in the previous 10 years and maybe I might just be starting to get a grasp on all the new changes I've been working on in that time?? We'll see. I had a 3rd place finish on the Nordea Tour at Mölle GolfKlubb and a much better feeling in my game over all.

It's great to have some motivation back again and I'm starting to make plans for Q-school 2010 in La Manga, Spain. I'll keep an update of my progress here | ©2009