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Wednesday 27th May, 2009

Martina Eberl is a player from Germany and she is the one largely responsible for this event. She does a heap of work in promoting the event and also makes sure it's good for promoters, sponsors, players and spectators. It all starts on the Monday night with a party in a night club in Munich called Pacha. It's a fantastic night and there was a heap of dancing to be done (ok, and a little bit of drinking too!). It's good to get any partying out of the way early in the week, before the event starts. Tuesday it's back to business  :)  ...

For those of us not playing in a pro-am, Tuesday is generally the day for practice rounds. Get out on the course, familiarise yourself with distances etc and get a feel for the greens. The course is nice and I also played the event last year. The event as a whole has a wonderful atmosphere and everyone enjoys it there.

....just thinking. I should get my act together and get a photo gallery up on my site shouldn't I??  Let me see what I can organise.

The first round started on the first tee for me on Thursday. It was a rather uneventful day with only one birdie and too many silly little mistakes. ...also too many very makeable birdie putts missed. Along with a soft double bogey on 11, it ended with a day at +3.

I had a bit of work to do on the second day and although I felt ready for a sub par round, the morning didn't quite start out that way. A double on my first hole made it a uphill battle for the rest of the day!!  Not the best way to start when you want to shoot under par!!  (note to self!)  haha.

I really struggled on the first nine holes but then, on my 8th hole, I finally started striking the ball well. You never really know where this things come from sometimes, but I wasn't questioning it and I wasn't complaining. I made a birdie on my 8th hole, then on 10th and just lipped out on 11th. At even par I felt I was back with a very real chance. Particularly with the way that I was hitting it, and being on the easier 9 for making birdies.

Going down my 12th there was a couple of rather dark looking storms looming. Sure enough, a little while later the horns were sounded to suspend play. We were all called in and luckily the storm passed reasonably quickly. We were back out there an hour later to continue play. Sadly I started back by making a rather soft bogey and it took another hole to get back into the swing of things. Then what followed was some of the best ball striking I've had in a long time and I gave myself some fantastic birdie opportunities.

In the last 5 holes I hit all my approach shots to within 3m with a couple of them being just 1.5m from the flag. Sadly my putting form kept going and I was only able to make one of the birdie putts. I knew I needed to make more and I ended up shooting par for the day and finishing on +3 total. I thought it might have been enough, but alas, it turned out to be 1 shot too many. Missing the cut my 1 is a painful thing. You'd rather miss by 10 shots, but that's just the way it goes sometimes.

The good thing is that I started getting some good ball striking going. I hope to carry that through to the next event in Holland in two weeks time. Until then, I'll have a few days off and then the rest of the week with some solid practice. I'll get back to you after Holland, so cross your fingers for me and hopefully I can come out of it with some better news! | ©2009