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Next stop... Holland


Tuesday 9th Jun, 2009

Even though it was a 3 day event (Friday to Sunday) I arrived in Holland on Monday. It was only a short drive from Dusseldorf and I met with a friend of mine at the club after a practice round. The course we were to play was in Eindhoven and I was staying privately for the week which was in Belgium. ...a 30min drive away. Thank you to Dany and Jacque for a stay in their beautiful home and to Olivier for helping me out each year.

I seemed to be in good form during the practice round and was happy with the way I was hitting the ball. I found out I was to play the pro-am on the Wednesday, so I didn't go for another practice round on Tuesday. They had some fun at the club at the end of the day with a putting comp. for the amateurs and pro's combined, followed by a nice BBQ. Wednesday was the pro-am and then I did some more light practice on Thursday. It was to be an early start for me on Friday, so I was happy with an easy day and an early night.

Although being the second group out for the morning is a drag with getting up early, it is a great time of day to be on a golf course. Not only that, you also get perfect greens to play on. They had quickened the greens up since the pro-am and someone mentioned they were running at 11 on the Stimp meter?  ...not that it ended up helping me that day. I could not hole a putt for the life of me. I gave myself plenty of birdie chances but wasn't able to capitalise on any of them.

Probably the most shocking thing for me that day was the realisation of yet more lost distance. Particularly with my irons. It cost me some silly mistakes during the day and was difficult to adjust to. I was hitting the ball well apart from that, but ended up with a round with not one birdie and a number of too many bogeys. +6 for the day. I was going to have my work cut out for me on the second day.

After a couple of hours putting practice on Friday afternoon, and some on Saturday morning, I remained hopefull and confident for a good round. I figured I had to shoot -4 to be playing on Sunday, so that was my goal. With a day where my ball striking wasn't quite as good, I at least putted better and managed some birdies. There was still a few bogeys though and I shot +1. ... +7 total, which was to give me another Sunday off.

It's hard to stay positive when this kind of thing keeps happening, particularly when I have lost so much distance. But if I'm going to make things happen, I just have to adjust to it, suck and up and keep on going. ....or, as another friend might put it .."toughen up Princess"!. haha  ...and that's just what I'll have to do.

I'll get back with a new update after the next event in Portugal next week. Ciao for now. | ©2009