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New website finally online (...and a quick update for Norway and Spain)


Saturday 25th Jul, 2009

Hi everyone. OK... sorry about not having done an update on my blog for a while, but I've been a little consumed. I run this website myself and I have pretty much just re-written the whole thing from scratch! I have wanted to do this for a while and only recently came up with a design that I'm happy with. I hope you like it?...

As you can see, I've really had a thing for round corners and 'pink' lately. I don't know? wasn't pre planned. It's just the way it ended up turning out. If you think it's all a bit much, please let me know and I'll have a look at changing it. ...maybe. ;)  Sometimes you can get a bit lost when you're working on it every day and you start to gloss over some of the glaring problems. Particularly visual stuff.

Developing websites can be quite a pain sometimes, particularly when it comes to having them work across all the different browsers. And wouldn't you know it, one of the most common browsers on the planet, is the worst one to accommodate! ...namely Internet Explorer (IE). I've done my best to accommodate it's many bugs and short comings, and the site doesn't look as good as it should when viewed in IE (but it still works fine). If you want to get the best visual effects from the site (admittedly they are only subtle) try just about any other browser: Firefox, Opera, Chrome...

Hopefully the site is still easy to follow and navigate, and I've given each page a similar layout to make it easier. Here's a run down of some of the changes and additions:

  • Obviously the menu is at the top now.
  • The left side of the page is the main content of each page and the right hand side is for other information or further site navigation.
  • The main addition to the site is the new 'blog' page I've added, rather than having the blog updates on the front page. I think it's a bit easier to read and there's an option for clicking and reading earlier blogs from the links on the right hand side of the page. I've included the posts from the beginning of this season in Europe.
  • The gallery page was already quite new so there's not much new there. Again, I've added navigation links to the right hand side column. I still have a heap of photos that I want to add to the galleries, so pop back from time to time to see what's new. ...I'll most likely be posting the updates on Twitter too.
  • I've edited the 'About' page as well and will be adding some links to various websites and resources that I find relevant.
  • There is still a little bit of work to go, but I'd rather I get it online than wait too much longer. I'll going through the 'My Thoughts' page to update that and also still need to organise the 'Bio' page.
  • Something that I do need to work on again though, is a calender page. Showing where I'm playing and travelling to along with dates.

Now... for the latest golf update:

Norway and Spain

I know I haven't updated since the tournament in Norway, so here's the quick update...

The good ball striking I had in the previous event in Ireland continued on this week. Which was great. I also had Bernt (from ProFound putters) check my putting, and we spent a while on the putting green. We got some things sorted which really seemed to help ...for the first couple of days.

A solid day on the first day for the first round shooting -4, with a less than solid second day of +3!  Well, I made the cut and was happy to be out playing on the weekend ...finally! The final day didn't really end in glorious fashion either, but it was good to have made progress none-the-less.

We had a week off and then we played the next event in Spain, near Barcelona. Tell you what of 'those' weeks!!...

It started with arriving at Barcelona airport and being delayed slightly with luggage. Due to the delay, the bus transfer to the golf club (about a 3hr trip) left about 5 mins before I could make it to the bus!!  ...yey. Off to a good start. Well, of course I ended up getting to the course, so no problem. I stayed in an apartment with a friend and it was basically a noisy hot-box! Could hear just about everything from adjoining apartments and there was no air conditioning in the 30C+ heat. After a couple of days, we couldn't stand it any longer and moved apartments.

For start of day 1, I woke up with a sore neck, which turned out to be a sprained neck!  ...nice. I didn't know how I was going to get on, but I decided I could still do this despite only being able to hit 3/4 shots. least I could still hit them straight. Despite having to hit 1 to 2 extra clubs in to the greens, I had a solid round of -2 with just one bogey. The second day was still with solid ball striking, but too many missed short putts, saw me miss the but by just 1 shot!!  ...aaahhh!

Oh well goes on. Since then I've been back here in Denmark and have been working on the computer almost non stop. Now I can finally get time to go and get into practice again before heading off for Wales in a weeks time. OK, now if I had a calender on my website, you could see what dates I'll be playing! haha ...for now, you'll just have to look it up on the LET website.

Till next time ....ciao  :) | ©2009