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Back in the land of internet again


Wednesday 19th Aug, 2009

"Hello World";.... well, such says the starting phrase with computer tutorials anyway. So, seeing as I'm back in the land of internet, it's probably an apt way to start...

You'd think with my new website I'd be a bit better at getting my blog updated wouldn't you!? Haha ....Well (ok, here comes the lame excuse), a few weeks ago, just before leaving for Wales, I dropped my computer and managed to kill it! Oh well. I figured a week without a computer wouldn't be so bad. Probably even a good thing?

I actually left a few days early for Wales to go and meet with a mental trainer/golf psychologist (for want of a better term). We shared some correspondence before I left and I was quite intrigued with the work that he does. If you might be curious, he has a website here where you can read more about him ............ He's a very interesting guy and has been on quite a journey himself. We were lucky to be able to stay with his sister and her family near Manchester, so thanks again to Andie, Tony and the kids.

For those of you that follow my progress, you already know that my results haven't been very good this year and I must admit that it's starting to do my head in a bit. It's one of those weird things with golf I think as there are just SO many variables and things that can influence your game. And the problems aren't always what we think they might be. I have never worked with a 'mental coach' before and I heard about Nikk through one of the other players and he sounded very interesting. We did some good ground work that weekend before Wales and we headed off to Harlech where the tournament was being played.

This kind of work is more of a long term thing, so I wasn't expecting overnight results from this. It's a bit like expecting a fit toned body after 2 sessions at the gym! doesn't happen!

We played Royal St Davids course which is in a beautiful setting overlooked by Harlech Castle. Quite a beautiful place really. It's a classic links course and absolutely well worth a visit if you're around that part of Wales some day? ...well, despite being lucky with the weather, I still couldn't quite get it going that week. The first round was ok but I continued to be 'challenged' by my putting all week. Something that I'll just have to keep working on.

The time off gave me a chance to have a look around the local area and experience the 'holiday' atmosphere. I was hoping to go somewhere to find a nice cup of coffee, but it was probably a little hopefull I guess. Mental note ....Wales just isn't the place for a good espresso based coffee.

After another missed cut, I was really looking forward to having some time away from golf again. It would be a couple of weeks before the next event, so it's a perfect time for a week or so off and then a bit of practice before the next event in Finland. Don't give up on me yet .....I haven't! ;) | ©2009